You can get hurt working in a shop. Observe proper safety practices to minimize injuries.


  • Feet: Always wear steel-toes boots (or equivalent) in the shop.
  • Eyes: Wear safety glasses! Especially working with power tools.
  • Ears: Wear ear plugs or earmuffs, even non-steel-on-steel.
  • Hands: Wear padded leather work gloves.
  • Torso: When applicable, wear leather work apron.
  • Limbs: long sleeves, and long pants.
  • Knees: knee pads or pants with padded knees are advised.


  • Keep a First Aid Kit in the shop and know where it is.
  • It should include gauze, tape, and antibiotic ointment, etc.
  • Have a working phone in or near the shop in case of emergency.


  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the shop and know where it is.
  • Know how to use it: electrical vs other fires.
  • If you’re going to use power tools, you should understand the basics about electricity. Voltage. Amperage. Watts. What starts electrical fires? Your power tool is plugged into an outlet on a circuit rated for how many Amps? And how many Amps are being used already?


  • Others will be curious to see what you’re doing. This includes friends, neighbors, children and pets. Showing off how you make things is fun and important but you need to manage that well. Do not let kids or pets run through your shop. Only allow visitors when you’re ready for them and keep an eye on them. They may need to wear some safety items too, so have some extras on hand.