Online How-To

As you can guess, proper construction of medieval plate armor requires various skills. The How-To pages of this site are written with the assumption that you are brand new to this craft, and considering getting set up at home. Presented here is a list of things you’ll need to learn, in some logical order. How to make your own patterns will be covered in another section.

Basic Things:

  • Know your workshop’s safety practices well.
  • Tracing out patterns onto sheet metal.
  • Cutting sheet metal pieces with a throatless shear.
  • Filing and conditioning edges and surfaces of your pieces.
  • Rolling edges with a yellow plastic-head hammer.
  • Dishing with a heavy split-head rawhide mallet.
  • Punching manual holes with a solid tapered punch.
  • Some basic forming techniques.
  • Some leather working: cutting and working straps.
  • Pre-assembly using screws and nuts.
  • Finishing surfaces: sanding, and polishing.
  • Setting solid mushroom rivets.

Advanced Things:

  • Making your own patterns from scratch.
  • Fluting!
  • Embossing!
  • Etching!
  • Setting up your shop with the proper tools.
  • How to get various tool stakes for forming.