• Mallet-Rawhide
  • Flutinghammer
  • File-Flat1
  • Coping Saw
  • Dishing02
  • Dishing01
  • Rivets1
  • Anvil1

As with any craft, you need certain tools to make medieval plate armor. These are listed in the general order by which I acquired my own tools:

  • Anvil
  • Yellow Plastic-Head Hammer
  • Tapered Hole Punch
  • Small Ball Pein Hammer
  • Large Ball Pein Hammer
  • Small screws, nuts, washers for pre-assembly
  • Round-Head Solid Rivets
  • Garland Split-Head Rawhide Mallet
  • Throatless Lever Shear
  • Sheet of Cowside Leather
  • Leather Strap Cutter
  • Various Tool Stakes (T-Stake, Ball, Pipe, Mushroom, etc)

More soon…